In order to “white madness” could take the best, we are responsible for devices operating on the slopes to be always efficient and ready to work. We service groomers, snow cannons and pumping stations. The process maintenance brings many benefits during the ski season, when they perform their work in difficult conditions. Good equipment preparation and maintenance on a regular basis – this is our focus.



The Welderstal company provides a comprehensive maintenance service for snow groomers equipment and ski slope equipment

Among others things our offer includes, fluid/oil services on snow groomers equipment , replacement of worn parts, to keep the equipment in running state during harsh winter conditions. If we are able to save the existing parts or replace it we’ll subject it to a process of regeneration.

Each device on the ski slopes should work efficiently and with no interruptions. Therefore, we offer additional services for different types of equipment. This way you can increase the efficiency and quality of operation. In addition, we also provide the aesthetic care of the equipment.


We strive to make each visit of our service was friendly for the customer as well as people on the slopes.

How we provide service?

We also offer maintenance and warranty services for snow removal equipment, snow making equipment that that we produce. Please contact us for details.

Comprehensive service

With properly trained staff our service reaches everywhere it is necessary. We renovate and modernize the worn-out snowmaking systems and pumping stations thus giving them a new life.

The basic equipment of every ski slope is a well-functioning pumping station and an appropriate number of fire hydrants to be able to provide water to each snow making device.

We are servicing water pump stations. We will help you to improve the pipelines and even design them from scratch and deploy complete new installation.